Wilton Gray,Standard C-Clamp,12 Size (In.) ,9300 Load Capacity (Lb.) ,6-5/16"" Throat Depth Model: 412-P

View Wilton Gray,Standard C-Clamp,12 Size (In.) ,9300 Load Capacity (Lb.) ,6-5/16
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Brand : Wilton

Merchant : Grainger

C-Clamp, Body Material Drop Forged Steel, Regular Duty, Anvil Shape V-Grooved, Throat Shape Standard, Body Color Gray, Max. Opening 12-1/4 In., Throat Depth 6-5/16 In., Clamping Pressure 9300 lb., Min. Opening 2 In., Swivel Pad Yes, Spindle Finish Copper Plated...


Completely new experience with the Wilton Gray,Standard C-Clamp,12 Size (In.) ,9300 Load Capacity (Lb.) ,6-5/16"" Throat Depth Model: 412-P, to use you to find the ideal comfort you can not find in other places. We offer both equally price as well as efficiency solution can gratify. Additional information about product functions and other information are available for you actually at each of our official web site.

Wilton Gray,Standard C-Clamp,12 Size (In.) ,9300 Load Capacity (Lb.) ,6-5/16"" Throat Depth Model: 412-P is great. If it could be possible, must not miss to test them. It really is widely described nowadays close to its outstanding result that surprises shoppers. You should not be reluctant to try it. Also you must hurry trying to get yourself amazing result.

Are you looking for this Wilton Gray,Standard C-Clamp,12 Size (In.) ,9300 Load Capacity (Lb.) ,6-5/16"" Throat Depth Model: 412-P? If so, why not buy one? When you have not ever tested out it, how may you know which can be good? Do this product and surely you may realize how good it is. This kind of tempting price tag, customer maintenance is likely!

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Brand : Wilton

Merchat : Grainger
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