Wilton Gray,Standard C-Clamp,12 Size (In.) ,9300 Load Capacity (Lb.) ,6-5/16"" Throat Depth Model: 412-P

View Wilton Gray,Standard C-Clamp,12 Size (In.) ,9300 Load Capacity (Lb.) ,6-5/16
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Brand : Wilton

Merchant : Grainger

C-Clamp, Body Material Drop Forged Steel, Regular Duty, Anvil Shape V-Grooved, Throat Shape Standard, Body Color Gray, Max. Opening 12-1/4 In., Throat Depth 6-5/16 In., Clamping Pressure 9300 lb., Min. Opening 2 In., Swivel Pad Yes, Spindle Finish Copper Plated...


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The actual Wilton Gray,Standard C-Clamp,12 Size (In.) ,9300 Load Capacity (Lb.) ,6-5/16"" Throat Depth Model: 412-P has become available for quite a long time due to its great outcomes in the market assured. If you have by no means tried, only try! If you have ever questioned, should discover why many people are grabbed by its quality for a long time.

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Brand : Wilton

Merchat : Grainger
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